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Stop in and select from hundreds of boxed invitations. These imprintables can be completed in one week or less

and are packaged in quantities of 10-20. You will not be settling ~ these are great, quick companies!


A save the date is a great way to get everyone excited about your event. Perhaps you’d like a style with your photos or

something relating to your personalities. Be sure to start looking for these about 6-9 months before your wedding and even sooner

if you are planning a destination event or it is on a holiday weekend. We advise mailing these about 5-6 months prior to your event.

While it's always possible to design a save the date that coordinates with your event Invitation, it is not required!


Begin to look for invitations 5-6 months ahead and if you are tight on time, we generally can turn around a great order in 3-4 weeks.

Consider computer addressing for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation envelopes. It is a bit more casual and quite commonly done. Computer addressing costs around $2-$3 per envelope, depending on quantity and color.   Naturally, we have several wonderful calligraphers too! Calligraphy starts at around $4.25 per envelope.


FONTS:  When selecting a font for your invitations be sure you love the way your name (and your groom’s name) looks

in the style you have selected. It’s ok if some words are not easily read, since most will be understood~ your names should look beautiful!

MAILING:  Consider mailing your invitations on a Wednesday or Thursday so that guests receive them on the weekend.

It’s great for a family to be home and see a beautiful invitation together.

REPLY CARDS:  Often times a guest will forget to include their name with their rsvp card. Consider numbering

your reply cards in pencil on the back (small) and having the numbers correspond with your master list.

This way there will be no confusion on your end! If you have a 'B' list, it's important not to set your rsvp date too far in advance.

If you're able to add on additional guests, you want them to have ample time to reply to your event.

PLANNING YOUR GUEST LIST:  The best way to estimate your guest list is to first put on the most important

and closest people to you ~ including you and your immediate family. Then, naturally each family gives you their list and

you might have another list of second tier invites to send as well. Once you total all you can imagine inviting, please add 10% so that

you will not run short on invitations. If you bring these numbers to us we will help you determine just how many invitations to order.

MAILING:  Please remember to take one entire set of your completed invitations when they arrive to your post office to have it

weighed. As some Post Office's can vary, we reccommend weighing your invitation at the same Post Office you plan to send from.


Need a gift in a hurry? Lunch date? Holiday gift? Stop by to buy an item with the recipient's initial, or order a custom note card

or group of pads to arrive in 7-10 days.


Did you know that we do custom gift wrapping?

Bring us your boxed gift, choose the wrap or ask us to do so and be the one walking into the event with the best looking package.

We will wrap your package even if it was purchased elsewhere. If you purchase a gift that requires shipping or wish for

an order you placed to be drop shipped to you, just let us know. We can ship all over the U.S. as well as overseas.


When writing a thank you note always try to begin with a few sentences showing why you love the gift and how

you plan to use it. You can also express how happy you were that this person attended the event. Then ~ add the "thank you"

at the end. This shows your personality and appreciation first. 


Does the idea of assembling the components of an invitation make you shy away from choosing your favorite?

We can do this for you. For a reasonable charge, we will handle all or just a portion of the necessary finishing.

Additionally, we will collate, number, stamp, stuff and mail a formal invitation.

The Stationery Station will handle the details, carefully and efficiently, offering you the freedom of relaxation.

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